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CIMA Professional Qualification

CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is UK based, century old global body of management accountants. Got royal charter in 1975 and also a full member of IFAC. CIMA recently tide up with AICPA (American institute of certified public accountants) and created a CGMA designation (chartered global management accountant ) for both the bodies to be offered from Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.

It’s highly regarded global qualification and must for finance professionals ! CIMA is very lucrative career to pursue after Masters or after becoming Indian CMA/CA's to develop super specialization is management accounting and strategic management  

Course Structure
CIMA is 16 paper course, consisting of 4 levels 
(see below)
Click here to download detailed syllabus

Eligibility: Any one can start CIMA from certificate level, however following qualifications have exemptions 

  1. MBA/ - 11 Papers exemptions under management gateway route

  2. ICMAI Members- 11 papers exemptions under management accountants gateway route

  3. Senior Finance Professional - Accounting and finance degree holder with 6+ yrs senior managerial experience - is exempt from 14 CIMA exams under fast track G-SEP route

  4. CA/CMA Members- are exempt from 15 CIMA exams under GPAP route 

  5. Accounting / Finance Graduate with 75%+ marks is exempt from 14 CIMA exams under fast track A-Star route

  6. (A& F) can get exemptions from certificate level

​CIMA Exams 

  • Objective Tests for the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and Professional Qualification are available on-demand, all year round. Professional Qualification Case Study exams are available four times a year at Pearson VUE centres

  • Cert BA exams are 120 minutes long. BA1, BA2 and BA3 will each contain 60 objective test questions, while BA4 will contain 85 objective test questions.

  • Objective Tests are available on demand and computer marked, so as soon as you have completed your Objective Test you will receive a provisional exam result of either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ at the Pearson VUE assessment centre. This result will then be ratified in your My CIMA account within 48 hours.

  • There are two types of computer-based exams in the Professional Qualification:

  • 90 minute Objective Tests for each of the three subjects within each level, available on-demand. Objective Tests are computer marked, so as soon as you have completed your Objective Test you will receive a provisional exam result of either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ at the Pearson VUE assessment centre. This result will then be ratified in your My CIMA account within 48 hours. 

  • 3 hour Case Study exams at each level after you have passed all three Objective Tests. Case Study exams use pre-seen material, which is available on the Study Planner, and assess your application of knowledge to real world scenarios and are available four times a year. Case Study exams are human-marked. You will receive your results on your MY CIMA account 6-8 weeks after the close of the Case Study window. Check the exam timetable for the date the results are published. 

  • Case study exam are also assessed by Computer based examination at Pearson Centres

  • Pre-seen case study materials will be published in your portal for preparation at least 4 weeks before exam

  • Case study exams are held in four exam windows (3 days in Feb, May, Aug & Nov Months falling on wed to Friday generally). 

CIMA Fees​

  • Standard registration fees is 77 GBP

  • Re registration and exemption fees is 0.

  • Objective Test of each of certificate level exam in India is 85 GBP

  • Objective Test of each of operational level exam in India is 100 GBP

  • Objective Test of each of Management level exam in India is 115 GBP

  • Objective Test of each of Strategic level exam in India is 165 GBP

  • Case study exam of operational level is 175 GBP

  • Case study exam of management level is 115 GBP

  • Case study exam of Strategic level is 255 GBP

CIMA Fast Track Fees​

  • Management /Professional Gateway Exam registration is 425 GBP 

  • Includes Registration ,Subscription & One time MCS Gateway  exam fees.

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CIMA Membership experience requirement​

  • 3 years of Practical experience required to qualify for full CIMA membership.

  • Please note that experienced in finance gained before, during & after choosing to do CIMA is acceptable 

  • Passing exams and completing PER results in ACMA, CGMA designation.

Our Learning Supports for CIMA​

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  • BPP ECR is very well prepared online learning platform  having-

    • Recorded lectures,

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    • Revision lectures,

    • CBE practice software access 

    • Chapter end assessments etc.

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