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ACCA Qualification

  Offered By - ACCA

(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants,UK)

(Global Professional Accountants Body, IFAC Member)

   - ACCA Qualification Structure -

You gain Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business when you pass:

  • All the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams of the ACCA Qualification

  • Complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module.

-Course Details-

ACCA papers comprise of two levels; Fundamentals and Strategic Professional.

The Fundamentals level consists of two modules; Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills.

Fundamentals (Nine papers in total)

Applied Knowledge [Diploma]  :

  • Accountant in Business  [AB]

  • Management Accounting [MA]

  • Financial Accounting [FA]

Applied Skills [Advanced Diploma]  :

  • Corporate and Business Law [LW]

  • Performance Management [PM]

  • Taxation [TX]

  • Financial Reporting [FR]

  • Audit and Assurance [AA]

  • Financial Management [FM]

Professional Ethics Module:

This is a paid [£62] online module, which a candidate has to complete before beginning Professional Level papers.

-Course Progression-

You can study further and  complete Strategic Professional (Only Four papers ) after getting advanced diploma qualification.

The Strategic Professional level consists of two modules; Essentials and Options

Essentials (Compulsory Papers)  

  • Strategic Business Reporting [SBR]

  • Strategic Business Leader [SBL]

Options (Complete any two out of four)

  • Advanced Financial Management [AFM]

  • Advanced Performance Management [APM]

  • Advanced Taxation [ATX]

  • Advanced Audit and Assurance [AAA] 

Professional Experience Requirement [PER]: Three years of  professional work experience in a relevant field is mandatory in order to get the ACCA membership. Which could be obtained before, during or after the ACCA course. After completion of which you become fully qualified global professional accountant & get ACCA's membership !

-Course Duration-

ACCA Fundamental level exams can be completed any time, once you complete fundamental exams you have 7 yrs to complete professional exams, but our tuition support is for Six Months (2 Exam Attempts) [for the papers you subscribe]


  • Exams are held four times a year, In the first week of March,June,September & December of the year

  • All Fundamental level exams are computer based.

  • Whereas AB,MA,FA &LW exams are on demand computer based [ can be scheduled and taken at any time]

  • PM, TX, FR, AA, FM are session based CBE's and must be planned and booked through My ACCA portal

  • Session based exams are available in India at British Council Centers in major cities only  - Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigad, Indore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mangalore, Kochi, Chennai etc. 

  • Click here to know locations of On Demand CBE centers

  • Each paper can be passed one by one [modular exams], there is no aggregate group passing criteria.

  • Minimum 50% marks are required to pass in any exam paper.  

  • Knowledge level exams are objective type ( MCQ’s)

  • Skill level exams contains both Objective & Subjective type questions

  • Click here for detailed Syllabus, Paper Pattern & Other resources.


Based on qualification various exemptions are allowed -

Sr No                        QUALIFICATION                                                  EXEMPTIONS

                     1              Commerce Graduate/Master in Commerce              4 PAPERS

                                    MBA (finance)                                                                   3 PAPERS     

                     2             CA – Intermediate                                                           5 PAPERS

                                    CA – Intermediate  + B.com                                           6 PAPERS     

                                    CA Finalist + B.com                                                          6 PAPERS + paper in which 40+ Marks are awarded by ICAI

                      3             ICAI / ICMAI  Member                                                      9 PAPERS

                     4             ICSI Member /LLB [ without b.com]                                 1 PAPER 

 For exact details click here to use exemption calculator

-ACCA Fees-

  • Initial Registration Application = 79 Pounds (One Time Application Fees)

  • Annual Subscription = 112 Pounds (Payable Per Calendar Year) 

  • Exams (Standard Entry) [ For Each Paper]

    • Knowledge Exam = 80 pounds

    • Skill Exam =111 pounds

    • SBL Exam = 196 pounds

    • SBR & Other two option Exams = 140 pounds

  • Exemption Fees is normally 80 GBP for each of knowledge exam paper & 106 GBP for each of skills exam paper but the same is reduced to 10 GBP per paper for IPCC Student, 15 GBP per paper for B.com & 20 GBP per paper for CA's,  if you initially register with us  !!! Also from 1.10.19 annual subscription gets reduced to 52.5 Pounds only

  • (Maximum of 9 Exemptions are available from ACCA Qualification )

[All fess subject to change by sole discretion of ACCA]
click here for latest fee structure


Note : Our Students get heavy discounts in Registration +Annual Subscription & Exemption fees.

Please Contact us for the best Scheme. We also provide 100% Scholarship to financially weaker students, but for year 19-20 it's over! Rest of the students can avail education loans but all have to take admissions by paying admission fees first !

Our Tutors


Janki Mistry

Head ACCA Tutor

FCCA, MBA (Finance)

She studied & worked  in UK with large corporates, Teaching ACCA for more than decade now!  

Paritosh Profile.png

Paritosh Panchal

Support Tutor for FM & AFM

B.com, PGDM(Finance)

Worked as Analyst with Large rating agencies. Passionate about  teaching financial management

-Our ACCA E Campus Tuition Supports-

(Note: Everything is in Online Distance Learning Mode)

  • Registration

Assistance for ACCA Registration Process, payments and getting exemptions and starting at right level

  • Remote Tutor Assitance for giving  Study Plans & taking Assignments 
Targeted Study Plan to supplement subject wise progression in online distance learning mode and assignments evalution & Final Mock preparation
  • Class Notes (By Approved Content Providers)

Textbook by BPP Professional Education (Concept Notes for Fundamental & ATX Paper only, to study with recordings )

  • Recordings (LMS Access)

Access to Exclusive Video Recordings spanning over all topics on BPP Professional Educations VLE

  • Mock Test /Exam Simulation

Online exam simulation resembles very closely to the actual exam giving the candidate an opportunity to get equipped to the exam format

  • 24x7 Online Access

Access to materials and recordings. Our doubt solving forum to interact with our in-house experts.

  • Additional Study Materials 

Study Text /Workbooks , Revision & Practice Kits, Pass Cards - For gaining comprehensive knowledge 


                                                                   -Demo Videos-

-About Demo Videos-

Above Link contents Enhanced Class Room Demo, showcases only one Sample Lecture Per Subject, Please visit our product gallery to see more videos like subject wise Introduction of Syllabus Lectures, Question Debriefs, Worked Examples etc.

Demo Lecturers are owned by BPP Learning  Media-UK (Approved Content Providers of ACCA) & Developed by BPP Professional Education (ACCA Platinum Tuition Providers).  

[Please Click Here to visit Product Gallery]



-Our Fees-

[Please note that all fees once paid is non refundable]

  • ACCA Registration Fees  is Rs. 20,000/- 

[ Includes ACCA application fees  & ICPA's Student registration charges]

[ACCA Annual Subscription, Exam & Exemption, Ethics module  fees is directly payable by the students after getting registered with ACCA from their myACCA account]


  • Tuition Fees For Each of Fundamental Level Paper - Rs. 7,500/-

(Includes BPP ECR & Course notes + Study Text+ P & R Kit+ Pass card - For Fundamental & ATX papers)


  • Tuition Fees For Each of Professional Level Paper - Rs. 10,000/-

(Includes BPP ECR & Workbook + P & R Kit - For all professional level papers, except ATX paper)

( For ATX Paper package includes - BPP ECR & Course notes + Study Text+ P & R Kit+ Pass card)

[Click here to Buy / review our tuition products in detail]

Please Note - 

  • Fees is per student 

  • Excludes GST (whenever applicable)

  • Packages are offered only in online distance learning mode. 

  • Packages are valid for Six Months /Two Exam Attempts (I.e. for Jan & July batches)

  • Our E campus course package means BPP's Enhanced Class Room Product with Course Notes/ Study Text / Workbook & Practice & Revision Kit & Pass cards as & when applicable

  • Tuition is also available paper wise for those who do not register Initially with us. Visit Our Store to purchase it directly

Advantage of studying with us is not only heavy discounts from ACCA fees & Learning material providers but also remote tutor assistance which will help you in preparing for your subject

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