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About Us...

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants is a body of professionals practicing in the discipline of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation & Business Regulatory Laws, Finance & Management,comprising mainly of the Independent Accountants & Tax practitioners, Cetified Auditors (trust),Accounting Technicians etc..


The Institute functions as a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. All persons whose names are entered in the Register of Members at the time of registration of the Institute and will have their names entered in the Register under the Rules and Regulations of the Institute, so long as they continue to have their names borne in the said Register, shall constitute a body corporate by the name of The Institute of Certified Public Accountants and all such persons shall be known as Members of the Institute.


Further the Institute shall never be construed to be in competition of other statutory professional accounting bodies of India , Our institute is rather working as an independant body.


The institute aims at creating a uniform platform & voluntary compliance & acceptance of best accounting, ethical practices by currently practicing independent accountants & tax practitioners


The Institute shall have perpetual succession and a Common Seal.

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