This package includes - All BPP Materials- (For exams from September 2018 until August 2019)

  1. Study Text (Work Book)
  2. Practice & Revision Kit


BPP Learning Media is an ACCA approved content provider. Materials been comprehensively reviewed by the ACCA examining team and covers all the relevant syllabus topics.


1.Work Book (Study Text) - 

BPP's new Workbook updates our Study Text format.

The Workbook:

1. Simultaneously integrates the development the three pillars of exam success; ACCA syllabus knowledge, the new ACCA Professional Skills and essential BPP exam success skills.

2. Develops knowledge application and skills using scenario-based Activities in the ACCA exam style.

3. Is designed in a logical and engaging format suitable for classroom, online and self-study students.

Additionally, our new format BPP Workbook includes the following features:


  • ACCA syllabus coverage. The Workbook covers all ACCA syllabus knowledge in a concise and accessible way, with helpful worked examples.
  • Structure. Workbook is structured in a logical order which promotes efficient and effective learning.
  • Activities. Every chapter includes scenario based Activities which build confidence and understanding of topics as they are covered and incorporate ACCA Professional Skills Marks.
  • Chapter Overviews and Summaries. Chapter Overviews and Summaries which provide an introduction and recap of critical learning.
  • Skills Checkpoints. This new feature provides a step-by-step tutorial approach in demonstrating and developing the ACCA Professional Skills. There is a Skills Checkpoint for each of the five ACCA Professional Skills which represent 20% of marks in this exam.
  • Practice Questions. Includes a bank of questions pitched at an introductory level in the Strategic Business Leader style for students to complete as they learn.
  • Exam Success Skills. The Workbook introduces the six BPP exam success skills with new content which defines these skills and explains how these can be improved. The six exam success skills are managing information, answer planning: priorities, structure and logic, correct interpretation of requirements, efficient numerical analysis, effective writing and presentation and good time management.
  • Delivery format. The BPP Workbook is presented in a new style format, specifically designed to be visually appealing.


2.Practice & Revision Kit-

The BPP Practice & Revision Kit is an essential learning tool to be successful at Strategic Business Leader as it will allow students to test their knowledge by putting theory into practice, develop ACCA Professional Skills and provide advice on improving critical Exam Success Skills.

Features include:

  • Questions are integrated case scenarios which include ACCA Professional Skills marks just like the real exam.
  • Answers includes tutorial advice aimed to improve knowledge application, ACCA Professional Skills marks and essential exam success skills
  • The Practice & Revision Kit is presented in a new style format, specifically designed to be visually appealing.
  • Now includes questions for every stage of Learning. The Practice & Revision Kit provides a series of scenario based questions in the style of the Strategic Business Leader exam in four sections, as follows:
  • Section 1 – These questions are set at an introductory to moderate level of challenge to be attempted during the Learning Phase.
  • Section 2 – These ae questions which include ACCA Professional Skills marks designed to specifically develop communication, commercial acumen, analysis, scepticism and evaluation skills, and are intended to be completed prior to the Revision Phase.
  • Section 3 – These are complex, scenario based questions in the Strategic Business Leader style which are designed to develop knowledge application and ACCA Professional Skills.
  • Section 4 – Includes six full Strategic Business Leader Practice Mock Exams to ensure students have sufficient opportunity practice their knowledge application, ACCA Professional Skills and exam success skills prior to sitting the real exam.

Strategic Business Leader [SBL]

  • About BPP eBooks

    With an intuitive interface, seamless access to your content and a personalised reading experience, BPP Learning Media eBooks are ideal for students and their study needs. Your eBook can be accessed on multiple devices, syncing your bookmarks and updates, and enables you to highlight and annotate the content using a range of editing tools.


    How do I access my eBook?

    Once you have purchased an eBook, you will be taken to an order confirmation page and receive an email confirmation. Open your eBook via the link provided by accessing our online platform using the same log in credentials you used to create your buying account.

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    Do you have an app?

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    Can I print my eBook?

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    No, the content is protected and will remain within the app.


    What devices support your eBooks?

    All Apple and android devices are supported (smartphone and tablet). eBooks can also be accessed on desktops/laptops running Windows 7 onwards and MAC.


    Can my eBook expire?


    Access to your eBook (including via desktop or mobile app) will continue for a period of 18 months from the date of your confirmation email. However, if your account is unused for a period of three months, your account may be deactivated. Your account will be reactivated (up to the period of 18 months from the date of your confirmation email) upon logging into your account, but you may lose any previously stored notes, annotations or bookmarks.


    What do I do if I purchased an eBook prior toOctober 2017?

    We changed our eBook format in October 2017. If you purchased an eBook before this date, it will not be compatible on our current software. Please contact our customer services team on with your order number for assistance.


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