This package includes - All BPP Materials- (For exams from June 2019 to March 2020)

  1. Study Text
  2. Practice & Revision Kit
  3. Pass Cards
  4. Mock Test


BPP Learning Media is an ACCA approved content provider. 

1.Study Text -

The Study Text provides all the knowledge required for the Taxation (FA2018) module.

Study Texts cover the relevant syllabus comprehensively, at an appropriate level and in a clear, user-friendly way.

Features include:

  •  in-depth syllabus coverage
  • explanation of key terms
  • fast forward points
  • chapter round ups
  • quick quizzes


2.Practice & Revision Kit-

The Practice & Revision Kit is an essential revision tool for the Taxation (FA2018) module.

Practice & Revision Kits allow students to test knowledge by putting theory into practice and refine exam technique.

Features include:

  • banks of practice questions and answers
  • guidance of revision technique
  • past exam papers
  • hints and tips


BPP Practice & Revision Kits are valid for both paper based and computer based exams.


3.Pass Cards Features include:

Passcards are a handy and portable revision tool for the Taxation (FA2018) module.

Passcards are A6, spiral bound revision aids which students can carry to revise wherever, whenever.

Features include:

  • topics presented in the same order as the Study Text
  • ability to focus on tricky syllabus areas
  • aid revision by giving clear, visual emphasis to key points
  • suitable for both paper and computer based exams


4.Mock Test- One mock test is also available from ACCA. 

Advanced Taxation-UK [ATX]

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